What we offer?

With the community members, we are building some useful products:

  • compassStats: an open data platform that allows users to create and share on-chain data analytics using JavaScript.

    • Customizable JS scripts to streamline your multi-chain data, easy to use for most Web 3 Devs.

    • Intuitive and customizable alerts for on-chain monitoring, making it accessible to non-coding users as well.

    • Discover the community’s work, use or clone them, and share your creativity with the community.

    • Customizable dashboard and more features (coming soon).

  • compassSafe: a RBAC (role based access control) protocol based on Safe (pre.Gnosis Safe) .

    • Fine-grained permission configurations with contracts, methods, and parameter levels, applicable to all types of contracts.

    • Role templates for popular DeFi protocols.

    • Easy to connects with any dApp via WalletConnect.

    • Integration with Account Abstraction and more advanced features (coming soon).

Send any suggestions or feedback to contact@compassdao.com

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