Set Up Notifiers

We now support Slack & Twitter as your Notifier to get the alert messages, more channels will be added in the future, such as Telegram, Discord, Webhook, etc. Tell us what you want here: CompassStats feedback

1.Go to "My Space - Notifiers" , click on "+Add New" to add a new Notifier.

2. Name the Notifier, and select the channel type

2.1 If you select Twitter as your notifier, just click on the button "Connect" and follow the steps to "Authorize App" for compassDAO. (it will grant compassDAO App several accesses, we will only send threads when the alert is triggered, please recognize our official Twitter App compassDAO) . You can delete it anytime.

2.1 If you select Slack as your notifier, follow the guide below to get your Slack Webhook URL and enter it here.


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