Interact With Dapps

When all the configuration is done, you can now use the app to interact with any Dapps (DeFi, NFT, Web3 projects, etc.)

Note: If it's the first time for your member to use the app, he/she needs to bind the Safe

1.Go to the Dapp you want to use, here we take Etherscan as a sample. Click on "Connect Wallet", select "WalletConnect".

2.Then you'll get a pop-up window with a QR code, there's a line "Copy to clipboard" below the QR code, click to copy it.

3.Back to our app, go to "WALLET CONNECT" tab, paste the code you just copied in the input field.

4.Now the app is connected, you can initiate any transaction in Dapps (e.g. Etherscan), and you'll get the request here.

5.Check carefully with all the details of the transaction, click on "CONFIRM" to sign it with your metamask.

Note: If the current member(connected metamask wallet) does not have the corresponding permission, the transaction will be failed.

6.Later you can find the transactions you signed with our app in "TRANSACTION" tab, click on "View" to see the parsed details of the transaction.

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