Get the balance of an address

The default Sample Script is a simple script to get the balance of an address, users can edit the script and run or save it.

Check the script here:

The script code is as following:

export const name = "My Awesome Script";
export const description = "Get balance of address";
export const tag = "eth balance";

const formatBalance = (wei: ethers.BigNumber) =>

export const run = async ({ address }: Record<string, string>) => {
  const cacheKey = 'balanceOf' + String(address);
  const cachedBalance = cache[cacheKey] || 0;
  const prevBalance = ethers.BigNumber.from(cachedBalance);

  const provider = evm.getProvider("ethereum");
  const curBalance = await provider.getBalance(address);
  cache[cacheKey] = curBalance.toString();

  return {
    prevBalance: formatBalance(prevBalance),
    curBalance: formatBalance(curBalance),

Once the script is saved, users can fill in the parameters to run the script.

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